Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good News

One of the families in our community is getting a new home this week thanks to Extreme Home Makeover. My son is friends with one of the boys and we are so excited for Drew and his family!
The family arrives home from vacation to see their new house today! It still amazes me how quickly they can complete a house. They demolished the house on Saturday. The roof was on the house late Sunday night and the drywall was completed by the time this picture was taken Tueday evening. Our whole community is thrilled for this family. Move that Bus!
I also received a note from Patsy today to let me know that the ladies that had flood damage in their homes were showered with a "car load" full of material. She says they were stunned that our group chipped in the way we did. She also mentioned that each woman chose one of the charity quilts that our guild had made for those in need.


Robyn said...

How very exciting! We often watch this show. Maybe we will see this one soon.

Jackie said...

Were they pelased? I always wonder how I'd feel if someone came in and moved all my stuff. Matbe it depends what you're house is like before.