Friday, July 4, 2008

Back to Civilization?

My day job takes me to Chicago every once in a while. I sell commercial roofing products for a company in the Chicagoland area. I'm one of the lucky ones that works remotely. I work out of my home in rural Wisconsin. I don't miss the traffic and had to include a shot of Chicago traffic at 3:00 PM.
Every summer our company entertains our customers with an architectural tour along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The tour starts with a narrated tour along the river and ends up following the lake shore in the breakwater of Lake Michigan. On Wednesday night (which this was) the trip ends with a fireworks display over the lake. The Sears tower is in the photo above.

This photo was taken from my hotel window. The building under construction is one of Donald Trump's latest projects.

One of the Marina Towers is in the photo on the left. You can park your boat below the building. Car parking is just above, although I've always wondered if anyone has ever backed their car into the river.

Navy Pier is on the right side of this photo. This was a derelict building when I was a teenager. Now it is the crown jewel of Chicago.

I love to stand at the end of Navy Pier at night and take in the city lights. This view is from the lake looking back at the city. Navy Pier is in the center of the photo.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures..I am an avid ER fan!