Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Trip to Patsy's

I had to make a second trip to Patsy's recently. I mentioned earlier that our area had heavy rains in June that flooded many of the towns surrounding our farm. I received a call a few days ago that two of the quilters in our guild had substantial flooding in their homes. Wilda lost all of her fabric along with craft supplies and 50 years worth of Christmas decorations to flood waters. I have no idea how much more was lost. Sharon was luckier but we are still waiting to hear if her fabric can be salvaged. Her fabric and sewing machines did not get wet however she was out of her house for a month before she was able to return. I packed a basket for Sharon and Wilda and dropped them off at Patsy's Homestead Cabin Retreat so they could be added to the other donations at the next meeting.

In the last year our area has suffered so much loss due to flooding. It makes one so much more cognisant of all that is good in one's life. I am very grateful for the people in my life and my good fortune. I count my blessings every day.

I thought you might enjoy some of the creative ways Patsy brightens up her retreat. You never know what you will find on the clothes line when you arrive. Her thrift store finds turn into imaginative planters and can be found through out the retreat used in other creative ways. It's always fun to see what she will come up with next.


Robyn said...

It must be so disheartening to have your home flooded out.

The cabin is full of character! I love the tricycle basket and metal trunk filled with flowers. Lovely!

jan in nagasaki said...

hi, I saw your comment over at Spirit Cloth... Jude is so inspiring and I love her philosophy on stitching!!!!!

I am having a kimono giveaway on my blog... and I just wanted to mention that to you because I noticed that you are helping out with local quilters... that's good enough for me to add your name to the hat!!! Go on over and check it out and if you would like to enter, leave me a comment!!!!

I can't imagine the feeling of losing so much.....


Patsy said...

We had a carload of donated items for the two gals. They were stunned that we went and did that for them! We had them choose a quilt each to take from our Charity quilts that they had made for others "in need". Who would have ever thought the givers would end up being the receivers! They were truely greatful. Thanks ladies! patsy