Thursday, July 17, 2008

A T-Shirt to Match

Sometimes the best laid plans go a bit wild, especially when it comes to dying a shirt for myself. I started out with the intention of matching this lovely barrette purchased from Jackie at DogDaisyChains. I think I lost control when I took some old golden yellow dye and threw it into the mix with the sky blue and lemon yellow. They still look great together but I think I'll try again next time with a lighter saturation of dye. I took at least 20 pictures of this shirt in various lights and still could not capture all of the gorgeous color that resulted. There are some really vibrant greens and the yellows are washed out. I have a similar problem capturing fuchsia in some of my photos. Does anyone have advice to offer?

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I can see where you're coming from with the colours. I wonder if you could give it a quick rinse in some dilute bleach to take it down a bit?