Monday, July 14, 2008

"This Is"

About a week ago I had planned to show you two of my favorite books from childhood. It took me a week to find one of the books. In the mean time I saw DogDaisyChains's post about "This is"my most precious childhood possession. I have a favorite stuffed dog named Morgan that would make a barking sound when you squeezed his nose. He was so precious he even went to college and back with me. Morgan stopped barking after about 20 years but is still an honored part of my home. But when I think about the things from childhood that made the most impression on me I'd have to say it was these two books. I have always loved color. I grew up with the big box of crayons and watercolor paints. I knew that names of obscure colors at a very early age. I was shocked to find out that most of the people in my eighth grade English class had no idea that chartreuse was a vibrant shade of green/yellow.

When my son was small I tried to find my copy of "The Color Kittens" to no avail. It was no longer in print much to my dismay. Enter my mom's friend Mary Pat. Her husband worked for Golden Books and they were working on a special run of out of print books. My mom had mentioned to Mary Pat how much that book meant to me and surprised me with a reprinted copy of the book. This book is even more cherished because of the way I received it. It is so nice to be able to look back at your childhood and see where your passions started and how they were kindled into adulthood.

Oh did I mention the book has a happy ending?

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Jackie said...

Thanks for the link. Are you playing the this is game or was it just a coincedence?
Its funny how all the comments on mine say the bear looks well loved..he wasn't! He was well played with and mangled but not until recently have I treasured him! Your book evoked a certain feeling in me that I get with books..I have always been in love with books, especially when they are just about to be opened and reveal thier secrets.