Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning in the Shady Grove

At long last. The ever elusive white tail deer. I have been trying to get a shot of a deer for months. I see them almost daily on our farm but I can never seem to catch one at the right moment. I have lots of shots of deer from the back end going into the tall grass. This one is feeding off of an apple tree. As the apples ripen we will see many more deer near the house. They will get bolder as the season progresses. Last year when I was mowing the lawn I had a deer no more than 20 feet away from me. It was stamping and snorting at me trying to scare me out of the way so it could get to the apple tree.
Recently we have spotted doe and her fawn living on the farm. Fawns are really fun to watch. They are really playful when they feel they are in a safe environment. I hope to get a photo of them later in the season.

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Jackie said...

How absolutely beautiful, lucky you!