Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wash Day - Oh Boy! -updated

My new print cloth arrived the other day. Instead of working on my last Art Quilt like I should be, I couldn't resist diving in to see how these one of a kind dye lots would turn out. I've had my formulas planned for weeks. The fabric is an 80x80 thread count batik quality. Wow does it accept the dye well. My favorite of the batch has to be the fabric that looks like sugar maples in the fall.

I just added a link to my blog roll for The Sandbag Handbag. This blog contains pictures of handbags that have been created from leftover sandbags. They are being sold in a few locations in downtown Iowa City to raise money for the local crisis center and victims of the June flooding. If you are visiting the area please stop in and take a look. The bags are resonably priced and the money goes to a great cause!


Robyn said...

Such beautiful happy colours hanging on your line! No chance of washday blues.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Chris, I love this.. I used to dye (wool fleece, that is) all the time.. where has the time gone.. so many changes.. funny how life goes. good though..
You must have had fun with these.. Inspirational!! I see you pup likes to help with the laundry..

oh it is more fun to do a new thing when you are suppose to be doing something else!!!

Jackie said...

Wow! Those colours are wonderful.

Martha Marshall said...

These fabrics are so beautiful hanging in the breeze! What a picture. Since I haven't allowed myself to venture into quilting or fiber arts, I would just take those beautiful fabrics, stretch them, and call them paintings!!