Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Needlework Treasures

My grandmother has been on my mind a lot lately, likely because of the work on my South Dakota journal quilts. I even dreamed of her last night. We had a wonderful conversation and I did not want to wake to my alarm clock.
My grandmother traveled the world after she retired. She sold miniature paintings and needlepoint canvases for a little extra pocket money. When she was 100 she moved out of her apartment into assisted living. I helped sort through items from her household. Anything handmade that did not find a home with someone came to my house for safe keeping to be gifted to great grandchildren when they reach adulthood. Here are a few of the items I kept for myself. This bell pull was made by my Grandmother. It hangs next to our front entry.

I saw this embroidered purse and fell in love with it. When I showed it to my mother she told me she had made it for my Grandmother as a gift at least 40 years ago. My mom and I were attending a quilting retreat together that weekend and she brought it as her "show and tell".

The Molas are from her travels to Panama. They originate from the Kuna Indians on Nalunega Island. This hangs in my workroom. I love to marvel at the delicate hand work.

This cross stitch sampler hung in my grandma's home. I don't know if it was made by grandma or one of her sisters. I will bring it with me next time I visit in hopes she remembers it's origin.


Robyn said...

The embroidered purse is stunning! You have a very artistic family.

Gwen Buchanan said...

The care is evident in the stitches... such beautiful work!!!

A friend has a series of molas from Hawaii... Not sure how she came to have them as she was never there... a gift I believe. I am always taken by them and examine them everytime I go to her house... so bold and graphic... Thank you for sharing them...