Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost Amish

I named this quilt "Almost Amish". It was made for my son and gifted to him on his 17th birthday a few years ago. It was my second attempt at piecing a quilt top when I was a new quilter. There are lots of references of our family life together in this quilt. There is a reminder of the frog pond near our house where many days of exploration with friends took place. The pine and fern patterned batiks signify our walks in the woods with our dog Kodiak and the wonderful wooded places we have lived. The purple fabric is a reminder of many sunsets shared together. The blue fabric signifies the blue skies of our home in Wisconsin and family reunions at the lake. The green fabric is a reminder of the lush land that is home. The black is for the night skies and the incredible view of the milky way on dark nights. The quilt was quilted by Marcia Wachuta with a meandering leaf pattern. I had her quilt 3 hearts into the quilt to signify the three members of our family.

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