Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Art Quilts Continued

Our Art Quilt Journal group met last night. I had a mad dash to get this piece and a couple others ready for show and tell. This journal "page" is a compilation of early family settlers in South Dakota. Our trip out west earlier this year gave me a chance to see where my father's family came from. The women in these photos were quilters and sewed most of their own clothes. Great Grandma Gertie gave me a baby quilt which I still have. Great Aunt Delia worked as a seamstress on her land claim in Reliance, SD. My Grandma Virginia married Leslie in 1927. She was a school teacher, naturalist and artist. She traveled the world extensively after her husband passed away in the 1970's. She has a wonderful sense of humor and great stories to tell. In the 1990's she wrote down memories of her childhood to share with her children and grandchildren. She is 104 now. She started to lose her memory when she reached 100. She lived in her own apartment in a retirement community until then. She is a treasure and I cherish my time with her.

My baby quilt from Great Grandma Gertie:
Many naps were spent awake marveling at the varied fabric in this quilt. My favorite has always been this satellite fabric. I'd love to find some more of this some day...


Jackie said...

Hi Chris, that quilt is such a wonderful heirloom.
You asked what threads I like, well I use Natesh Titania variegated threads. they are Indian and slightly shiny, but break easily. I should have mentioned them. I also like Madeira Burmilana which is a wooly one quite thick but I think that may be discontinued. The Robinson Anton threads are gorgeous too...ooohh so many shiny pretty things!

Robyn said...

Amazing heirloom quilt! Imagine the memories and thoughts sewn into it, square by square. It's not surprising that you are a quilter. The one you have made here is amazing in a different way. I wonder what Grandma Gertie would make of it.