Sunday, June 8, 2008

A River Runs Through It

This blog was supposed to be about my hand dyed fabrics but something else has taken that place today. Our area has been hit with heavy rains for the last few days. Things let up for a while this morning so I headed to the grocery store to to stock up while it was dry-ish. On my way back I took a drive through the nearby town of Yuba, WI to see how they survived last night's rain. It was clear the water had crossed the road and some of the local businesses were pumping water from their basements. I truly feel for these people. Last summer our area experienced catastrophic flooding and Yuba was hard hit. Water rose high so quickly that is washed out roads in many places nearby.

About an hour after I came home the rain started again. Most of the roads leading to town are now closed due to flooding. I'm very glad to be home.

One of my favorite things to see in the summer is steam from the rain rising for the cool limestone rocks that are common in our area. The shot above is looking out of our valley to the west. It is a similar shot to the one in my last blog, just a different day. The shot below is of our dry creek bed. We are about 100 feet higher than the river valley so we will stay dry (except for the basement :( ). I'm praying others will fare as well.

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Anonymous said...

HI Chris,
I was wondering if you were land locked by the flooding. Just got back from Reedsburg - photos on my blog in a minute. Wow! I was the only dentist appmt today. They water was rising and they were closing! Not good for 30 counties in Wisconsin!Patsy