Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moonlight, Meadows and Fireflies

I spent most of Saturday outside working in the yard. We have a walking trail on that runs through the lower meadow on our property. It is still waterlogged in some spots from the recent rain. The rain was so heavy that it floated a large log down the hill and left it in the middle of the trail. It has been two weeks since I was able to mow this path. It's a bittersweet job. The wildflowers are abundant on this trail and multiply every year. I hate to cut them but there are still plenty in the meadow to enjoy. Sorry the photo of the flowers is a little blurry. It was very breezy yesterday.

Last night I took a moonlight hike with my husband. The fireflies are just starting to show up at dusk. In a week we should be able to see hundreds at a time. It is such a magical feeling to be in a field of sparkling fireflies.

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