Friday, September 4, 2009

In Memory of Beauty, Grace and Spirit

I dedicate this post to the memory of my Grandma Virginia who lost her life today. She was born March 31st, 1904 in South Dakota. She had a long, healthy life and lived lifetimes of adventure. What I remember most about her was her warmth and laughter, a trait she passed on to her three sons. When I think of her I see her as an elegant woman, hair coiffed, makeup in place and always sporting beautiful dress or pants suit (that she had sewn) with matching jewelry. But she was also an outdoors woman. We went fishing together, collected rhubarb at the lake to make pies and made necklaces from the violets that grew in her backyard. She taught me to appreciate her love of nature and art. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Today I celebrate her life with a poem she wrote.

"God Lives"

It has been said that "God is Dead"
How can He be?
He paints vast canvases for us to see.
His knowing might our world controls
For mans enjoyment natures gifts unfolds
Earths revolutions, guided by his hand,
Expose new glories of our land.
Each seasons gifts he paints anew.
The mountains, the clouds, the rain, the dew
When snow has fallen through the night
And everything is clothed in white,
Mans disfiguring creations lie concealed
Above the horizon gradually revealed,
Appear the Masters strokes in reds & blues
Tinting the snow with reflected hues,
Clouds bright linings next unfold,
Which the rising sun has touched with gold.
The miracle of Spring, the Summer flowers,
The songs of the birds that fill the hours,
The beauty of the autumns flaming rays,
Who but the Master Craftsman could portray
Pictures from the artist brush adorn
The never ending mural begun each morn.
At days end painted with color bright
It fades into a restful moonlit night.
God is not dead, How could he be?

- Virginia Shoemaker Slaybaugh

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Tina said...

What a lovely tribute. May she now be resting in His arms.

Exuberant Color said...

She was a very talented lady. May she rest in peace.

Pat said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma Virginia!

Lynn said...

I am so happy for you to have this wonderul grandmother and all these marvelous memories of her that will last YOUR lifetime and I am sure be passed down to other family members who will in turn keep her spirit alive.

I send hugs to nuture your grief.

thanks for sharing her lovely poem, and her beautiful photograph...

Vicki W said...

What a beautiful tribute! We are very fortunate when we have people like her in our lives.

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely tribute Chris. 105...Thats's quite an age.

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful, so peaceful looking, there is such a calmness in her eyes. what a wonderful journey she has had.

thank you for sharing her with us

Susan Buret said...

Dear Chris,
Please accept my sympathy on the passing of your grandmother. What beautiful memories you have of your times with her. I can see from her poem where your love of colour came from.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies to you and your whole family.

I was always impressed at how your grandmother was gracious to her ex-daughter-in-law.

May memories of her help you through this time.

Diane Gelder

bindu said...

oh Chris - I am so sorry. She is so pretty! I remember your post about your talented grandma, her adventurous travels and her paintings. I admired her from your posts about her. Take care.

Plays with Needles said...

oh Chris, I'm so very sorry that you lost your grandmother. It's always a blow to lose one of the great women in your life. I can tell she was really an artist herself by what she appreciates in nature. Big hugs and love, Susan

Jackie said...

My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family Chris.
Even though she was a great age it never seems the right time to let someone you love go.

Greenmare said...

oh how very lucky you were to have a grandmother like that! what a wonderful legacy!

Patsy's Middle of No Where said...

You are living a life parallel to her it seems. So similar. May you inherit her longevity as well ! God bless.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Deeply felt and delivered poem... she was a true Artist....You were a lucky girl to have been taught by such a soul as this...

please accept my deepest sympathies Chris..

... and What an honest, open face your dear Grandmother had... such a beautiful woman... and she certainly passed her creative abilities on to you..
you are making them live!!!