Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Playing With a Full Deck

Our Art Quilts Around the World group recently hosted a postcard exchange based on the theme "playing cards". I love ink and pen illustrations from the late 1800's and early 20th century. I decided to use the drawings of John Tenniel from "Through the Looking Glass and what Alice Found There" by Lewis Carroll.

I used pigma pens to recreate the outline and shading and then colored the post cards using my colored pencils. I heat set the pencil ink into the fabric and sent them off in the mail to California and Australia. I have always been suspicious of the Kings and Queens in a deck of playing cards and finally figured out why.

I really enjoy being a part of this group. The women are very diverse in their talents and I love having a deadline to meet. It forces me to break away from production for my shops and make time for myself.

I will be at the Madison Quilt Expo on Saturday. Please let me know if you will be there. I'd love to say hello.

Have a great weekend!



karenfae said...

I love your cards - so neat and original.

Lynn said...

I love having your Queen in my possession! Again I'll say thank you and I do love her. You are very very talented Chris. Enjoy the quilt show. Wish I could join you there.

Greenmare said...

these are just awesome!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Love the queen!

bindu said...

These are great! The Queen of Hearts is my favorite.