Monday, January 26, 2009

Road Less Traveled

I took a different route home the other day and stopped to take a picture of some of the limestone bluffs common to our area.  I thought I was capturing a herd of cows in the foreground. I had to do a double take.  There were about 30 ponies mixed into the herd.  I'll have to make it back this way some day when it is warmer so I can captures a better photo.

Jeanne's fabric sale ended last weekend.  Much thanks goes all who shopped and helped reduce the incredible volume of her stash.  A very special thank you goes out to Linda (who put in 100's of hours) and all the volunteers that came to organize and help out on sale dates.  Linda plans to post a slide show this fall containing items made from Jeanne's fabric.  If you have pictures you would like to contribute you can find Linda at her website here.


Lynn said...

Lovely photos in the snow...wonder if animals become uncomfortable in all that cold?

So glad the sales went well...many people were happy no doubt with what they gleaned.

Now do we get to see what you are working on Chris?

Greenmare said...

a pony and cow quilt.......... hmm?

karenfae said...

the animals look so pretty in the snow - the limestone bluff is cool - where in Wisconsin is this? I lived when I was a kid by lake Michigan but this looks nothing like that area.

Jackie said...

The ponies. The snow. The rock. The trees. How very, very pretty.

bindu said...

You live in a such a serene area! The little ponies with their long tails and manes are so cute.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I am enthralled by the bluffs, Chris.. and the cozy group of cattle and ponies...what a gorgeous setting!