Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WQI Classes

I love attending Wisconsin's statewide quilt guild (you do not need to be from Wisconsin to be a member). Where else can you go and take classes from nationally renowned teachers at such a modest price. Jane Townswick was one of the teachers this weekend at the WQI meeting. The design above was appliqued by Jane and comes from her book "Applique Takes Wing: Exquisite Designs For Birds, Butterflies and More" available from That Patchwork Place. Jane's command of color in her applique work is phenomenal, her stitches delicate. All of the students raved about her class.
I took Barb Vlack's paper piecing class on Sunday. Barb has a unique and revolutionary paper piecing technique. I have never liked paper piecing. While I love the accuracy, I hate having to remove the paper once the sewing is done. Barb's technique teaches you accurate piecing using freezer paper without the need to sew the paper to the block. I am now a huge fan of this process. Thanks Barb! We had a lot of fun in this class. Every one had their own unique take on colors for this project. I can't wait to play around with this technique.
I am off to Des Moines on Thursday with my friend Sue. We will visit Grandma Virginia, who is 104, before we attend the AQS quilt show on Friday. You can see some earlier posts about Grandma here and here. I took time off of work this week so I could spend some time with my husband in between events.


bindu said...

that one of the bird is so beautiful! I don't know anything about quilting, so all of it is amazing to me!

Sydney said...

i have lurked on this site for awhile and thought I'd finally say hi. Wanted to invite you to my blog for a gander. I noticed you've mentioned you love seeing animals...though I have three blogs attached to my profile, made me think you might especially enjoy the once called Adventures in Nature.

bindu and I found each other because she was feeding in Austin the squirrels from our hurricane here in Houston that we sent up there , as we got in over 1000. If you scroll down a bit, to Sept 17th or so, there are many cute pix and videos about them.

I post on one blog or another every day but I could write on this one ALL day. It gives me great joy!

Hope to see you, and I'll be back here again too!

Sydney said...

PS: You have a grandma who is 104?!?!? That has to be amazing. Would love to read a post about what she's like and what she thinks about life.

Sydney said...

(sorry-- just saw them) lol

Pat said...

What wonderful classes! great job on the hummingbird and paper piecing!

Enjoy your visit to your Grandma and the show in Des Moines :)