Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Splendor and Some Tagging

October 7th at the farm.
The sumacs are brilliant this year. Our house in just beyond the grove of trees. The small building just to the right of the grove of trees is an old sugar shack where the previous owner made maple syrup.
The mist rising from the fields is from the hard frost changing to moisture as the earth warms in the sunlight.
A little further down the road on October 9th as I leave for DesMoines with Sue.

For Embellisher:

7 things you may not know about me:

1. In addition to our dog we have a cat named Cleo. She is a 19 year old Blue Point Snow Shoe Siamese adopted from a shelter. She is blind and deaf so she yells at us when she want attention. Despite the yelling is is very sweet.

2. I switched from an art major in college to nutrition. I plan to go back to get a masters in art some day.

3. I love science fiction and fantasy books and films. I am thrilled that Doctor Who is back in production after so long.

4. I used to be terribly nervous about speaking in front of a crowd. It is only in the last few years that I have overcome this problem.

5. I am fascinated by dragons and dragon lore.

6. I'd rather be traveling, teaching and writing about all I see on the way.

7. I'm shorter in person than I appear on the Internet. ;o)

For Bindu:

1. Clothes Shop - I only do when I have to. Not much available in the country.

2. Furniture Shop - Antiques for me. Both British and American Arts and Crafts Era and early 20th century southwestern furniture. Also Danish Modern. These are my favorites, but not necessarily what I own.

3. Sweet - Organic dark chocolate with ground ginger - to die for!

4. City - Country life for me. Where I live is as close to heaven as you can get.

5. Drink - Diet Coke or a Sam Adams lager.

6. Music - Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Natalie Merchant (solo or otherwise), Heart, Vivaldi, Mozart, Secret Garden. I love most of it as long as the singer can sing, no screaming please. I just don't get it.

7. TV Series - Dr. Who

8. Film - Don't make me choose - Fried Green Tomatoes (I adore Fannie Flagg's books too). The Color Purple. Time Bandits. 12 Monkeys/La Jetee.

9. Workout - Walks in the prairie grasses, bicycling

10. Pastries - Cinnamon rolls

11. Coffee - no thanks


bindu said...

Chocolate with ground ginger - sounds very good ... where do you get it? I love Fried Green Tomatoes too (both the movie and the snack!). That's one movie for girl power. Thanks for playing along!

Blu said...

Great pictures, enjoyed looking at your blog. I will be back. Best wishes from Brittany France.

annette emms said...

What glorious colours in your landscapes, all those wide open spaces! It must be such a joy to get up in the morning.Thank you for posting these pictures.
I see that you are dragon obsessed, like me, that's great.I made a book a few years ago, all about a local legend where a dragon lives in the woods above the village of Mordiford.. . . .such fun!

Jude said...

Beautiful countryside,as usual beautiful photos. Have you tasted dark chocolate with pieces of chili in or crushed black pepper.... wonderful.
Sorry about this but please pass tag on to 3 other bloggers.

amandajean said...

such beautiful photos of the countryside. I loved seeing them!

Jackie said...

Its always nice to find out the little details. I am the same about speaking in front of a crowd..once I was terrified but now I'm an obnoxious little show off!

Robyn said...

The second photo with red leaves is stunning. Great to learn a few more facts about you.