Monday, May 12, 2008

Patience Pays Off

Every year we have a brief migration of Baltimore Orioles through the area. The oranges are on the hooks of the clothes line under my office window. I can hear their bird song all day while I am working. I've been stalking the Orioles for three days to get a few good photos. My patience finally paid off. In addition to this male oriole I was able to catch a shot of one of the male red breasted woodpeckers that nests near our farm year round. I never knew they liked oranges but we have seen a few varieties of woodpeckers at the hummingbird feeders from time to time. Here's another surprise visitor to the oriole's feeder.

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Stacy said...

How fun! I get hummingbirds, quail and mourning doves year 'round but very few migratory birds. Nice that you can watch them from your office. :)