Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gray Today on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all. I have to tell you I have one of the best mothers you'll ever meet. When I was young she taught me most of the skills I use today as an artist. She also taught me to be kind, compassionate and how to be a good mother to my own son. I still blame her for teaching my son the good manners he has as an adult. Thanks for being such a great mom and friend!
I've been waiting for a rain day and it's here. I love the brilliant green of the grass and the trees when rain is coming. I can never decide if the color comes from the dark contrast of the sky against the earth or if all the plants are radiating the color in anticipation of the cool rain.

My sewing area is almost clean. I still need to clean up the dog hair left by our ever faithful Aussie, Jack (more on Jack on another day). I have a large wall hanging to bind for my nephew and his bride. I'll give you a peak at it when I have it finished.
I leave you with a shot of the hills from our front porch. It really is impossible to capture the height. The limestone bluff in the woods in tall enough to keep the sun from entering the valley on January mornings.


knitsewjo said...

Hi, Shady Grove :-)
Here's a reader who was very touched by this morning's blog... (some might say "she's a little touched" most of the time! And a little touched with "Gray Today on Mother's Day" and every other day.
Happy Mother's Day to you, too!
And thanks for the vicarious peak at your shady grove.

Anonymous said...

WElcome to blog world. It is so much fun! You do terrific glass pins and earrings and pendants! Check out her store! I will be checking regularly as I keeping you in my favorites pile. Patsy