Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Treasury and Creative Places to Visit

You know I could get lost browsing through the Etsy website. There are millions of creative things to see. I'm always humbled when someone chooses one of my items for a treasury spot.

Yesterday I received word from M. of BellabeadsOriginals that she had included my log cabin pin in a beautiful treasury. Stop by and see all her brilliant picks between now and Sunday Evening.

I have been dyeing fabrics for more than a week. So many beautiful colors are on my ironing board. I will be adding more listings to my Dye Candy shop over the weekend. I will be hosting a fabric giveaway starting on Sunday evening. I'll post a note here once the giveaway opens.

I have been posting less often, and adding more blogs to my reading list. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever keep up with it all, create and get the lawn mowed (4 hours of mowing per week - yikes!). I work at the art gallery tomorrow so I'll have time to catch up on my blog reading in the afternoon when the streets of our small town roll up.

Lastly I was tagged by Jackie of Dogdaisychains to reveal 7 random facts about myself, you can see them in this post. If you haven't been to Jackie's blog, please go and see all the beautiful things she creates. Take a minute (or much more) to look at her photos on Flicker. Amazing work! Her "retro style" brooches and other cool creations were just featured in the last issue "Quilting Arts" magazine. I can't tell you how thrilled I was for her. Way to go Jackie!

I am to recognize other blogs that I enjoy reading. I thought I'd introduce you to some blogs I have not mentioned before and some of my favorite stops full of creativity.

Faith of Nutbud Quilter - so many pretty and original ideas to see,
Emmy of Cramzy - Unique Needlework & Embellishments
P8 Buttons & Fabrics - So many buttons and button creations!!
Shar at Quilters Nest - You've got to see her feathered heart in her last post!
A new find full of pretty things Ardea's Nest
Claire's of Enchanted Home reminds me of days spent in the desert as a child
And Allie's in Stitches - beautiful crazy quilt stitches and ribbon embroidery.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Lynn said...

Gosh Chris, I am having trouble keeping up with my current list of bloggers...making is scary to add more, but you have added some that look like they'd be right up my quilters' alley. Thanks for sharing. I too have seen more and more of my blogger acquaintences in magazines like Sommerset Sew and Sommerset Studio/etc. How fun is this?


My google reader has more on it than I can handle and if I leave home for a day or two I have close to 100 new posts to read but I will be checking out your recomendations.I subccribe to Allie's blog already.
meant to let you know the little heart sampler is already on its way and should be with you next week sometime. I hope it reaches you safer and sound.

ArtPropelled said...

Your exquisite little pieces deserve fame ....and fortune, Chris.

bindu said...

It's easy to see why people choose your pieces. They are beautiful!

Jackie said...

Thanks Chris. thats a lovely post . I don't envy you all that mowing. How about some sheep?