Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Treasury West

I just received a note that my Dye Candy fabric is featured in a gorgeous Etsy Treasury West. Please stop by and leave a comment. Hopefully we can become front page news!

My thanks to SeatofMyPants for including my wares with so many beautiful items!


highwaycottage said...

Hi Chris, just wanted to say how much i love you blog. You live in such a beautiful place. I really enjoy all the pictures you post for us to look at.

I'm saving up to get some of your hand dyed fabrics (damn the bad NZ dollar at the moment). I wanted some hand dyed stuff for a mini quilt, but wasn't able to get any locally. Good thing though, as yours looks like a far superior product :-)

I always appreciate the comment you leave when visiting my blog.

Lynn said...

Love that you are getting this exposure! Way to go!!!!!

Greenmare said...

well your fabric SHOULD be front page etsy, it's GORGEOUS!!!! and it feels wonderful too.