Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greetings From Wisconsin

On Friday morning I headed north to pick up my son from Duluth. It was a such a beautiful day for a drive. It makes my heart soar to travel across this state. The scenery is diverse and the forests seem to go on forever. The trees were bright green when I left our home in Southwestern Wisconsin. As I traveled North the leaves became sparse. Here Spring is two weeks behind. This photo was taken about 20 miles from the Lake Superior shoreline. The land drops off sharply here. I wonder if it was once an ancient shoreline. The temperature here is 65 deg F. Near the lake it was 41 degrees. Saturday I traveled on a shop hop with the Piecemakers Guild hop through rural Southwestern Wisconsin.
One of our stops was an Amish store near Cashton where our host Laura treated us to a bed turning. Laura has been selling quilts from her shop for more than 20 years. All quilts are made locally by as many as 65 Amish women. Piecing is done by hand or with a treadle sewing machine. All quilt tops are hand quilted with beautiful and precise tiny stitches. You can also find handmade baskets, rugs and wooden bowls at this stop.

Down the road a piece....

Another one of our stops was at "Down A Country Road", a gift shop that sells local Amish wares.
Follow this link to their website where you can view a short video about their business and a look at Amish life.


Jackie said...

What beautiful architecture!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely trip. We lived in Wisconsin - oh a hundred years ago now - and loved the leisurely rides down the back roads. We really miss that here - in this part of NW WA it is hurry hurry honk honk - get going - faster faster. We love to find a slow old back road - which isn't ofent - and we usually comment how it reminds us of Wisconsin. Thanks for the trip.

Lynn said...

What a trip! Such sights to behold.
I bet you wanted all those hand done quilts! Loved seeing them.
Love the last white house porch.
So wish you were closer to MN and we were going to be there longer than just 2 days. Next time, another time. Hope so.

Jackie said...

When I saw the first comment I thought I'd already been here..I was going to say the exact same things.

quiltcrazygal said...

Love visiting Amish Country. We have a wonderful settlement in Northeast Ohio. The quilts in your pictures are lovely and that porch...I could move in that house tomorrow:) Thanks for sharing. Jenna Louise

karenfae said...

Chris I enjoyed the photo's. In a way I would love to live in Wisconsin again - if only the winters were not so long and cold. I have gotten spoiled with Arkansas winters usually only 2 months of cold weather.
I love the photo's of the old house - I love that Victorian porch.

Judith said...

What a lovely time you had. Those quilts are just beautiful and the scenery is fantastic.