Sunday, April 12, 2009

A View from the Top

Another very busy week has passed. My April calender is so full that I suspect I will need most of May to recover. I finally added some of my new colored Flying Geese Quilt Block Pendants to my Etsy Shop. I finished these pieces a few weeks back but did not have time to photograph and list them.
The fabric sale was a big success. Thanks to all who attended and worked at the sale. Sharon's family really appreciated your help!
The weather has been beautiful lately, perfect for long walks on our land. Our latest hike took us up to the ridge line above the farm. Through the trees you can see a glimpse of the barn down in the valley.
It is a treat to see the sunset from above. We usually see just a sliver of it from our view in the valley.
Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Jude said...

A gorgeous sunset, reflects the colours of those beautiful earrings.
Don't get too tired.

Lynn said...

You do live in such a beautiful setting Chris. How blessed you are.
Your jewelry is lovely and I still have a hard time figuring out how you make them. I like that too.
They are so unique. Be gentle with yourself.
I will enjoy today!

Jenny said...

What a lovely place you have - you are so blessed! Love the flying geese - I think I'll have to try some of those.

Greenmare said...

your pendants are so gorgeous!!!!! I just love them!!

bindu said...

You live in such an amazing place! I see the snow has completely melted and spring is on its way!