Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Bit About Nature and a Finish...Almost

The wetlands a few mile down the road is home to a bald eagle family.  Eagles do not always return to the same nesting site to raise their young but this nest is in use once again this spring.
Keep in mind when you look at this photo an adult eagle is almost 36" tall or close to one meter in height with wingspan is 7 feet.
This nest is about 50 feet in the air and at least as wide as the eagle's wingspan.  I once had a chance to see an eagle building a nest in Minnesota.  I doubt I will forget the experience.  The eagle would fly over dead trees and break off branches with a loud cracking sound.  It always such a treat to see these beautiful birds.  It is easy to forget how large they are.

On another note, I am so very pleased to report that this quilt will be ready for binding this coming weekend.  I have been hand quilting this king size quilt on an off since January of 2008.  The fabric and pattern are from Fun Quilts.  I rarely buy kits but I just fell in love with these fabric designs and colorways.  I can't wait to snuggle up under it this summer.

Have a great week!



karenfae said...

the eagle is wonderful site to see isn't it. How great that you have one nearby.

Jude said...

Big birds are stunning, aren't they?
We have a few on Crete and we do have Griffon vultures flying above us most of the time as there is a large group of them,( A group of vultures is????)nearby. We get to see the babies when they sit on the nests but my camera is not that good.
Those colours are very me too. I'm glad someone else has quilts that are not finished....

bindu said...

wow - that's incredible! You got a good shot of the eagle sitting up too. I love the colors and design on that fabric.

Greenmare said...

there is just nothing like an eagle in the wild is there? majestic barely captures it. and you quilt is fabulous!

Jackie said...

How amazing to see the eagles so near.
Its good to see the quilt nearly done. I don't know how you get so much done.

Robyn said...

How wonderful...and lucky!!! As Greenmare commented, there's nothing quite like an eagle in the wild.

Glorious quilt too!

Plays with Needles said...

Lucky lucky girl!! That shot of the eagle is TDF!

Sydney said...

WOW --I'm totally impressed that you got tha tphoto, and even that you saw one up close. We have one at the zoo that I've been mesmerized by, but that's not as cool as seeing one in the wild. You may want to check out a live eagle's nest camera that someone sent me today. I will be posting it to my animal blog (Adventures in Nature) in a few days, but here it is: