Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Ventures

When I started my blog "Greetings From the Shady Grove" I had visions of writing post cards with views of my rural life and travels to the big and small cities.  I am blessed to live a life where I want to live it.  This is truly home for me and my husband.  If you ever picture yourself living this lifestyle, find a way to support yourself and make the leap.  You will not regret it.  We don't, in fact this life is hundreds of times better than we had hoped and I think we had pretty high expectations.  

I will tell you that we took 5 years to choose a place to live based on many factors like school system, cost of living and friendliness of the local citizens. My employer allowed me do research and home searches at lunchtime on the internet during our slow seasons. (I still work for this company as a remote employee.)  We searched in many states and settled on our current location 3 years prior to making our purchase.  We visited this county one weekend a month for a year before we finally move here full time.

As you know I am a seller on Etsy.  I never really saw this blog as a place to promote my products and lately it has started to become that way.  When I decided to sell my hand dyed fabrics in a new shop called Dye Candy so many other ideas came along with it.  I just launched a new blog called Dye

Stop by and see what I have planned.  Please leave comments and let me know what you think of the ideas.

Wishing you warm days ahead from our Shady Grove,



Millie said...

Hi Chris

I love your blog with all the handdyed fabrics and will check out your new blog. Thanks for sharing and you have fun working on all those new fabrics!

bindu said...

It's great to see the evolution. And I admire you for taking that step to follow your heart. We hope to do it too, some day.

Lynn said...

I enjoyed reading about HOW you planned to live where you live. I have never heard of anyone doing the kind of research you did (once a month visits etc for a YEAR!!!)
Nice that you had that kind of time to make up your mind. Were you looking at other places as well? Impressive.

I again wish you much success in your new sales endeavors.

Lynn said...

Cris, I visited Dye Candy site and it is perfect. I will become a shopper when I think of some way to use those georgous fabrics of yours. I will tell my quilter friends about you too.

Faith said...

I love reading your blogs and wow you took one really brave big leap there to find somewhere to be happy in the countryside that is great. Maybe me and Jim will be able to do that sometime when the music takes off in the future, fingers crossed eh.
Im dye-ing fabric at the moment towards my patriotic quilt Idea hee hee will let you know how it goes

Jackie said...

There's abig long list of links to my blog here..I didn't do it ..honest. I just came to make a comment about how lucky you are to have chosen your home in a place you love.