Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Return to Happiness or Maybe Hippie-ness?

I thought it was time to introduce myself. Here I am in all my tie-dyed glory. This shirt was the last of the white t-shirts I purchased earlier this year. I had some wonderful shades of red, gold, yellow and blue left over from my last dyed lot. I mixed them all together and came up with this fabulous mixture of autumn colors. (My friends and fellow quilters have gotten used to my rather bright sense of style and color by now.) This shirt was the icing on the cake that restored my spirits (see Color Therapy) just in time for the Madison Quilt Expo.

Speaking of the quilt show, Patsy has posted some gorgeous pictures from the show on her blog.

Here are the treasures that came home with me. I went to the show looking for the Superior Thread booth and I purchased some lovely variegated colors from their King Tut line and some of their Bottom Line bobbin thread. I have heard good things about both and can't wait to try this thread out. The dark hand dyed fabric is from Julie Baird's shop and what would shopping be without a wonderful batik or two to bring home.

I just finished Jennifer Chiaverini's "Circle of Quilters" book and had to wait two weeks for the show so I could pick up the continuation of the story in "The Winding Ways Quilt". It turns out the she was there signing her books and the bookshop was set up a few feet away. I asked Jennifer to sign my copy to our local quilt guild. I will donate my copy to the guild library when I finish reading it. The quilts at this show were amazing. I took lots of pictures but I'm a bit leary of posting other artist's work on my blog without permission.


Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Chris,
'tis great to meet you in person, so to speak - well via photo - man I love that shirt - the colours are wonderful ... I love colour even though I often wear black I like to brighten it with a very colourful vest or such. You make me want to have a go at dying but I know it won't be such a success. The last things I dyed were rather ... well lets just not go there ... ha ha
Thanks for nameing my flower - it is so pretty. Have a great w/e ... OOroo ... Bethel

dawnkristine said...

Great blog, and a fellow Wisconsinite. I notice there are not many of us around. I will be back again the shirt too!

wiquilter said...

Chris, Thanks for stopping in to say hi on my blog. It's so nice to read other Wisconsin bloggers.

LOVE that shirt! And your jewerly is wonderful!

Just think, we proably passed each other at the Quilt Expo and didn't know it. Small world.

I'll be back.

Jackie said...

Its lovely to see you. No I know who I'm taliking to! Hello.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Chris, I just toured the quilt show.. amazing.. Especially the last detail that your friend showed... exquisite to be exact!!! Your tee almost has a sunburst effect.. beautiful!!!

Finn said...

Hi Chris, thank you so much for finding your way to my blog! Its super to begin to see more WI quilters here at Blogger. I've been at it since July of '05, having been invited into the Maverick ring by Bonnie and Tonya.
I see on your profile bage you've found quite a few of us *VBS* I look forward to more visits to your blog and getting to know you better. As always I'm curious to know where in WI you make your goodie. Would you want to drop me an email at
Love your shirt, totally successful I think! Great color. Hugs, Finn

Robyn said...

So nice to see your face and know who I'm talking to. Love the T-shirt and especially the way the gold around the neck breaks into the rosier hues. Thanks for sharing the treasures you found at the Quilt show. It's always a thrill seeing what artists bring home from an arty shopping spree.

bindu said...

I love the color combination in your blouse, and the radiating pattern.

Susan Buret said...

It's lovely to see you in your glorious colourful creation. As a textile geometry and quilt obsessed painter and collage artist i find your blog really inspiring!