Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dye Another Day

I finally photographed and listed some of the fabrics I dyed this weekend. I wanted to add some Autumn colors to my Etsy Shop. I thought the oranges, reds and golds needed a good complementary color to really set off the Fall colors. I started with cobalt and cerulean and then over dyed the blues with a couple hues of yellow. I love this fabric. It reminds me of a raging forest fire.
This fabric had my husband and I craving butterscotch pudding. It is so yummy!


Jude said...

Wow,what a sight that must have been, blowing in the wind. Can you tell me what dyes you used and if there is a web site I could look at.

Robyn said...

Brilliant! I love to see your glorious dyed fabrics blowing in the breeze. That red is so rich!