Friday, September 12, 2008

End of Summer Approaches

Apples are ready for picking and baking. Mmm apple pie... I can't wait!
The last few blooms of the clematis vine
I've been hoping to get a picture of a Giant Swallowtail for some time. Every time I see one my camera is never handy. This one flew by the window today so I chased it down until I finally captured a shot.
I'm off to the Madison Quilt Expo tomorrow. A few of my friends have entrys and I can't wait to see their quilts. I also want to pick up a current copy of Quilt Mania magazine. My friend David Ewing has his "Circus Quilt" featured in the most recent issue. His quilt is an interpretation of an early 20th century quilt design by Maxfield Parrish. I'm a big fan of Maxfield Parrish and David's quilt is so true to Parrish's style. Well done David!!!


Robyn said...

Oh yum! Apple pie and hot custard. The photo of the clematis against the red of the barn is lovely. Enjoy the Quilt Expo and I hope you take photos.

Laney said...

I love Maxfield Parrish of my family names is Parrish...I secretly hope I'm related to Maxfield. I would love to see the quilt. your apples, clematis and butterfly photos are great. Apple pie...yumm...such a fun Fall food. Hope you enjoyed the expo!