Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At Long Last Blue Skies

After a month of rain and gray weather we have had a week of never ending blue skies and have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. The leaves are gathered and the outdoor chores are finished for the season. Time for hikes and watching the sun set.

Sunny days also make the best light to photograph my hand dyed fabrics. Indirect sunlight allows me to photograph the truest colors. Reds and pinks can wash out in incandescent light.
I was finally able to photograph my new snowflake ornaments and add them to my Shady Grove Studios shop. Gray skies do not encourage sales.
The fields have turned to straw and the white tailed deer have changed their coats to a dull brown. It is a good camouflage for the fall.
Lately we have seen this big guy chasing the girls around. Sometimes he is followed by young bucks that are no match for him.

Wishing you well from sunny Wisconsin! Chris

P.S. Check back on Sunday. I will be hosting another giveaway of items from my Etsy shops.


karenfae said...

sounds like our weather patterns have been the same - it was a very wet cool cloudy October and now that November is here we have enjoyed the dry sunny days. For a change I have not seen any deer in our backyard though - we normally see them a lot - I wonder where they are?

Lynn said...

I'm always having my breath taken away by your photos of your area Chris. The last one is simply awesome!

See ya on Sunday! ;-)

Jackie said...

I love those crisp sunny days!

Enjoy your time outdoors!

quiltcrazygal said...

I Chris, such beautiful pictures:) Thanks for sharing. Jenna Louise

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful photographs! These crisp days will soon be followed by the snow, I'm sure.

Sandy said...

Such beautiful things that you make.