Saturday, March 6, 2010


Patsy had a few spots open up at her Homestead Cabin Retreat last weekend. My mom thought we should jump on the chance to get away and sew. It didn't take any convincing. I even took a few extra vacation days from work. We finished piecing one of the two quilt tops we started at the retreat last March.
My sister and her husband own a cabin that was built in 1934. These quilts will be a perfect fit for the era and decor of the cabin. My sister, the non quilter of the family, designed these quilts using Electric Quilt after receiving a quick tutorial.
Mom and I arrived early and stayed late. We had the retreat to ourselves on Thursday and Sunday nights and into Monday.
I also spent some time sewing mini quilt blocks for my jewelry. I'm trying to get a jump on 2010 stock before the weather turns nice. Next week my fabric shipments arrive and I will be dyeing lots of fabric in preparation for a quilt show in April.
Right before we headed home I was able to get a shot of this gorgeous pileated woodpecker. What a treat! Thanks for a wonderful weekend Mom.


Life Looms Large said...

I saw those tiny blocks and thought you were crazy, til I realized they're for jewelry!

I love pileated woodpeckers!!


karenfae said...

looks like you got a bit done Chris. I have seen Patsy's page and it looks like a perfect retreat place. Nice shot of the wood pecker.

knitsewjo said...

You're welcome!
Hooray for a happy, restful, yet productive extended weekend - and what a setting! XOXOX

Jude said...

welcome back....
what a wonderful thing to do...I would like to think that someday I could do that with my daughter..
sadly, my mother is not interested in anything arty.
Take care

Jude said...

Me again, sent you a message on Facebook then read you hardly go there..check it out anyway, might be hints..

Anonymous said...

Wow, the quilt your sister has designed is awesome !! I need to get EQ. Im jealous I've not been on a sewing retreat. Sounds like lots of fun.

I found some cute braclet charms that were quilters blocks a few weeks ago, I'm coveting some of those :-) They are not handmade like your fabulous jewellery though.

kimbuktu said...

I love seeing those tiny jewelry blocks all laid out, amazing!

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Those tiny blocks are just amazing! They will make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Jackie said...

It sounds like a fabulous long weekend. I wish we had a place like that nearby where I could go whenever the urge struck me!

Greenmare said...

oh you lucky ladies!!!! it looks WONDERFUL!!! will your mom adopt me?

Jackie said...

My goodness you certainly made the most of the retreat. You have an industrial sewing machine?
I know what you need about doing it all before the weather turns nice..the trouble is when the weather isn't nice I don't feel inspired.