Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing in Action

Yes, it is true. My blog has been sadly neglected as of late. I have been keeping myself so busy that it has been hard to slow down enough to find the words to write an intelligent blog post. I have traveled to vend or retreat every other weekend since the start of this year.

My day job is in the construction industry. I sell commercial roofing products. Last year new construction starts were non-existent. The majority of the business we received was in the public sector. Because of the downturn in business I have had 10 furlough days since Christmas.

I have been working hard to supplement my income with sales from my hand dyed fabrics and miniature quilt block jewelry. Since mid December I have dyed over 300 yards of fabric and sewed 100 tiny quilt blocks to make into jewelry as I restock the art galleries that sell my work. I also dyed 6 dozen velvet & silk scarves to sell at the local retreat and art gallery. I added 10" velvet sample sample packs for embellishing and needle felting project to my Dye Candy shop (currently for sale here)

I also started and completed a play quilt for my new nephew. Photos of the quilt can be found on my Dye Candy Blog in these posts: Machine Quilting Close Up and Cornflower Blue Play Quilt.

I have tons of photos taken and four tutorials ready to write. The travel will stop soon. I just have one more weekend away and it is at my favorite quilt retreat with my mom so what could be better? I know my husband misses me but he is very supportive of my incessant need to create and I love him for it.


Jackie said...

Glad to hear you'll be having a break soon. You sound like you've been crazy busy! I love the fabric you're showing in your picture.


Hello. Those clamp dyed fabrics are so cheerful and bright.Hope the workshops are fun.Take care

Melissa said...

What an amazingly beautiful array of fabrics! Much appreciated on these gray winter days!

karenfae said...

sounds like you have been extremely busy!! the fabrics are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Phew! That's a LOT of vending! ANd I have an awesome too - we would NOT be where we were without them!

em's scrapbag said...

Your hand dye fabrics are gorgeous. It sounds like have been busy. I'm going on my first quilt retreat this next weekend. And if I wasn't already very excited seeing your pics and following the links have made me even more excited. Thanks!