Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pillowcases and Wonderful Things in the Mailbox

Look what came in the mail for me this weekend. Pat at Bell Creek Quilts had a blog birthday give away and I as one of the lucky winners. This kit for a Piece-O-Pie pin cushion was my prize. I collect pin cushions and was very pleased to be the winner. Pat also surprised me with a lovely fat quarter filled with Dove chocolates. Oh joy. I have been chocolate deprived for a few weeks. There were a few more chocolates wrapped in there but DH & I dug into to them before I was able to snap a picture. And I love the quilt angel card she included. Thanks so much Pat!

This treasure came from Gwen at Desideratum. I fell in love with these beautiful earrings when Gwen had a give away back in the late fall. (Here is a link to better photos of these Robin's Egg Blue Earrings) Unfortunately I was not a winner so I sent her a note a week ago and asked if she was still making these and would she please sell me a pair. Gwen and her husband are amazing artists and I do believe Gwen is a master of all. Take a stop by her blog and explore. You can find a link to her husband John's blog there too. John has some wonderful paintings on display there.

A few readers asked about pillowcase construction after one of my recent posts. I have learned a few methods over time and my favorite is one that I've heard referred to as the "hot dog bun" method. This is a photo of my first quilt. I made matching pillowcases with some of the remaining fabrics. These pillowcases were sewn with a few construction techniques that leave no exposed seams inside or out. Click here for a tutorial.


knitsewjo said...

Mmm... Blueberries! I'm anxious to see the finished piece o' pie pincushion... And I love the dimensional garden angel card. M

Pat said...

Glad your *goodies* arrived safe and sound!

Thanks for posting the 'hot dog' method...I still get confused by it even though I've seen it about a bizillion times!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful quilt Chris...and your first? Wow! A big endeavor that was.
Nice gifts all around.
Love all the details.

Diane said...

What wonderful gifts!

Jackie said...

Now you know how I felt when I opened your gift.
That quilt is fabulous. I love the colours.

Robyn said...

Oooo lovely things to see in this post. Thanks for sharing. I've always loved to watch people opening gifts and this is the next best thing.