Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Little Time to Write Lately

A few weeks ago I received this from Lynn andLinda:

Thank you Ladies! I've recently gotten to know them. They both have beautiful art quilts on their blogs and are both members of Around the World In 20 Quilts. I can't wait until December to see your "Stellar Progress" completed.

I have homework to do. I hope you don't mind if I wait to name some of my blogging friends in another week once my Christmas items are all assembled and the next craft show is over. I will be vending this coming Saturday at the Elroy Quilt Show and Christmas Craft Fair at the Royall High School in Elroy, WI. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area. I'll post some photos of my last few weeks of stained glass work in a few more days.

I leave you with a photo of part of my first quilt. It is a king size quilt. I read the advice "start small". I'm not so good at following advice. I wanted to make this quilt for our guest bedroom. I figured if I didn't like quilting at least this quilt would be finished. It took me a couple of months to piece the blocks and then I hand quilted it. The project took me 11 months. Most of the quilting was completed in the last two months. I quit smoking during that time. Whenever I felt like smoking I hand quilted instead. Now I'm addicted to hand quilting.


Jackie said...

Your quilt is stunning! I can't believe it's your first one!

Congratulations on being a's a huge accomplishment!

bindu said...

I absolutely love this quilt! It's a good addiction to have. :) Looking forward to seeing your stained glass creations!

Diana said...

You're quilt is beautiful, congratulations on finishing it and for your determination to stop smoking. Have a great Thanksgiving too.

quiltcrazygal said...

Such a beautiful quilt! What a wonderful way to stop smoking. I'm so very happy for you. Jenna Louise

em's scrapbag said...

Love the star quilt! Congrats on your award!

Robyn said...

What an exquisite quilt!It's absolutely beautiful! A great way to give up smoking too.